Calendar 2020

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Reflections: Multiple Planes of Experience.
2020 Monthly calendar.
Photographs by Michael Yacavone.
11" x 17" beautiful full color pages. 
Includes 800 word statement about the work. Excerpt: 

These images visually capture Midtown Manhattan, May through October, 2019. The collection offers a meditation on surface, structure, reflection, perception, and reality.

In creating the images I observed that, in addition to all the other numerous and interesting things you might want to photograph in a major city, the mirror glass of Midtown buildings produces striking reflections. When the sun is right, or the clouds just so, or if the crane stops right there, or if I cross the street, they are like expansive movie screens.

When I started paying deeper attention to the still images I captured from these “movies,” several fundamental questions began to arise: What is a flat surface? How do the structures affect the surfaces? What is a reflection? What are we perceiving? What constitutes reality?


The images are full-size on the 11" x 17" heavyweight pages, and they reward repeated viewings as an everyday calendar allows. It's expensive to produce in small batches, which is why the $45 price. It looks really good though, and I think it's worth it! The paper and printing far outclass a typical mass-market calendar. 

The December print run is sold out -- current orders will ship ASAP in January 2020.